Information on the 2011 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby 2011 will be held on 6th and 7th may at the Churchill downs in the city of Louisville. Experiencing the Kentucky derby race live in the racing track is very exciting. This is the reason why the attendance in the Churchill downs surpasses any other races in the United States. Tickets for the Kentucky derby 2011 are still selling and if you are among the people who like watching it live, it is better to get your tickets early and experience the live action. Churchill Downs got incorporated in the year 1937 and since 1896 the race has always been ran at a 1.25miles distance. In order for a horse to participate in the Derby it has to be three years old. The first five horses to finish the race receive a purse share. The fastest time to ever be run was one hour, fifty nine minutes and forty seconds (1:59:40) by a horse known as the secretariat in the year 1973. That time record is still on since no one has been able to break it so far.

These are very interesting facts to learn about the Kentucky derby. There is more to the derby experience than the race which is what meets the eye to most people. The event is attended by very famous and rich people. It has also become somewhat of a fashion event. In the Churchill Downs, people also take time to dine in the levy restaurants in the downs. A taste of the derby food is something you want to try out where by participants go to sample different cuisines and wine from various popular destinations of horse racing located all through the United States.
Among the food in the derby there are two specific that are long standing since the founders day. These are the burgoo and the mint julep beverage. This is a stew made from beef, pork, vegetables and chicken. After every race, the winners are presented with a blanket of 554 red roses by the Kentucky governor. That is why the Kentucky derby is also referred to as run for the roses. Tickets for the Kentucky derby 2011 cost from around $25 to $40. These tickets provide general admission which in turn provides access to the paddock and infield areas. Incase of reserved seats, for oaks and derby costing $555 each package. Of course apart from the live action, the betting is another thing that horse racing enthusiasts look forward to during the Kentucky derby.

The tradition of the Kentucky derby hats

The Kentucky derby is an nfl football betting Online Sportsbook soccer betting odds NFL Lines event that takes place every year in Louisville city at the Churchill downs. It is therefore a tradition to wear hats to the race for every lady. This specific event lasts the whole day and is preceded by an entire week full of events before that actual racing day. Every year, people get to choose the hat they want to wear during the event. There are plenty of hat varieties to choose from and women can wear just about anything depending on their budget and needs. They can wear cheap hats available in department stores or sexy and sleek designer hats found in different famous clothing lines or in the designer websites online.
Through out the year there is no other formal occasion where ladies get to showcase their hats like the Kentucky derby race. It normally looks like a hats fashion show. This is because the women come in all sorts of hats from normal, sexy, crazy, and fashionable and many more hats that are completely out of this world. The derby hats attract global attention and that is why there is some cultural history behind some of them. This event is a long standing one traditionally. Therefore, it is mandatory for everybody to get a perfect choice for the Kentucky derby hats every year. People normally get a different hat for the Kentucky oaks, and the derby itself not forgetting any other events in between the Kentucky derby celebrations. Within a week, you find that most women wear about 3 to 5 different hats for every occasion.
For starters, they can go for a simple sexy hat for a dinner party or a small event within the derby week, for the Kentucky oaks that happens the Friday before the actual Saturday, get the second favorite hat you have. Then, on the day of the derby, unleash the best hat for all time. Most ladies in Louisville and racing enthusiasts look forward to the derby day. They can spend a whole year looking for a good hat for a one day event. If it is possible for you to get someone design a hat for you for the derby, then that is the way to go. This way, you can get a hat that has everything you want incorporated to match your personality. Most celebrities who attend the derby have their hats designed so you can save up through out the year and do the same thing.

Guide to selecting a Kentucky derby colt

For most amateur betters, the Kentucky derby is all about socializing while sipping on mint julep. However, this does not mean that you cannot try to make some extra money on the side by betting on some of the horses. Here is a fine guide on selecting a horse that may do this for you.
The first thing you could consider is betting on the fastest horse. Although this is not a fool proof plan since any colt can win during a horse race, it does increase your chances of choosing the best steed. Do some research on past winners and compare the track record of various trainers as well. Also try and keep away from trainers that may have had a history of injecting their horses with illegal steroids. One of the best ways of picking a fast horse is by analyzing the odds placed against them. Odds of three to one are fairly reasonable.
You could also decide to pick a horse depending on its name. Although this may not be a scientific method of picking a winning horse, it is a fun way of doing some. Horses with the coolest names may just surprise you by being the winners of the Kentucky derby.
You could also decide to become sexist and pick a female horse. These steeds tend to be quite powerful and they also have stamina. Choose a female horse that has a proven track record and you could end up cashing in once the Kentucky derby is over. Take note however that only four female horses have ever won the Kentucky derby. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage. The obvious disadvantage is that this year could also not be a year for a filly to win. On the plus side though, seeing as it is a rare occurrence, it may just be a lucky year for one of the fillies taking part in the Kentucky derby.
Lastly, always research on the historical criteria of the horses that are taking part. Once in a while, there usually is a horse that stands out from the rest of the race horses. More often than not though, all the steeds that take part in the Kentucky derby seem to be evenly matched against each other. This is when you research will come in handy. You could base the criteria on a number of factors such as the number of Kentucky derby races it has taken part in, the average speed of the horse in the races it has taken part in and also the type of breeding of the horse.